Dental Curettage

Dental CurettageCurettage is a medical procedure to remove tissue by scraping or scooping. It basically involves using a surgical instrument called curette, hence called curettage.

In dentistry, curettage can be explained as a deep scaling of a particular portion of the teeth that is below the gum line. The main purpose is to remove calculus and infected gum tissue.

In curettage procedures, instruments are used to cut away dead tissue. The idea is that such tissue can contribute to inflammation, infection, and a bad odor, and that removal of the damaged tissue will promote the development of healthy tissues. There are several different types of dental curettage commonly used. These include ultrasonic curettage which uses an ultrasonic dental instrument and surgical curettage, in which a flap of gum is cut and rotated away so that a pocket of infected tissue can be cleaned out before the flap is rotated back and fixed in place.