About Us

Brief Overview

Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care is a dental clinic that provides general dental services as well as specialist dental treatments. The services available at Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care include Preventive, Orthodontics, Aesthetics, Surgery as well as Dental X-Ray and Dental Lab services.

The history of the Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care can be traced back to 1997, when Drg. Nia A. Noerhadi, MDSc., Sp Ort., SpK., and her partner acquired a dental clinic at Kyoei Prince building. In the years following the acquisition, Drg. Nia and her partner have been able to grow the business into the size that it is today. The clinic has served numerous patients, which include children, teenagers and adults as well as corporate clients through partnerships.  As part of its development program, in 2005 the clinic moved into Oktroi Building in Kemang area, where existing and new patients continue to pour in.

In anticipating the growing number of patients and their needs for better facilities, in July 2011 Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care decides to expand and move its operations to Dharmawangsa X No. 20, where the warm and cozy atmosphere can be felt and enjoyed throughout the clinic. Patients can take advantage of the integrated dental services and facilities, which include dental clinic, digital dental radio graphics, lounge room, meeting rooms and a swimming pool.

By providing integrated services, Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care can cater to the needs of its patients, from children and teenagers to adults at all ages. The newly refurbished clinic has truly become a place where one stop services can be obtained by the patients.

What we offer today, is in line with our vision, mission and values.



To become one of the leading family dental care clinics in Jakarta.



To provide reliable and integrated dental healthcare services for families at all ages.



  • CARE



As a dental health care organization, it is important that Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care sets forth the word “care” to be its main priority. Caring means giving your utmost….

At Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care,

  • we care about the patients who need our services and treatments.
  • we care about the patients who need our specific attention.
  • we care about the patients who recognize their dental health problems.

We believe that “caring” is the key to winning the hearts of our patients.




The services at Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care are provided by experienced and skilled dental professionals from various fields in dentistry, who know exactly what they are doing. They have the knowledge, the capability and the competence as well as the willingness to provide the best services that are far beyond the ordinary ones.

We believe that professionalism is the key in ensuring the best treatments for our patients.



At Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care, we respect our stakeholders, which means that

  • we respect our patients and their need for special services and treatments.
  • we respect our professional dental team who truly understand the needs of our patients.
  • we respect our staff who always strive to do their best in welcoming the patients.

We believe that mutual respect among the stakeholders will ensure the sustainability of Smile Darmawangsa Dental Care, today and in the future…..